Smug Muslim Wears Banned Burkini In Pool, Hears 7 Brilliant Words That...

Smug Muslim Wears Banned Burkini In Pool, Hears 7 Brilliant Words That Wipe Off Her Grin


While on vacation, a woman and her sister-in-law decided to wear prohibited burkinis in the resort pool. However, nothing could prepare them for the 7 remarkable words they heard that immediately slapped down their entitlement.

When non-Muslims travel to a Muslim-majority country, they are expected to adhere to Sharia law in spite of their religious beliefs. There is no freedom of religion or culture. In fact, merely expressing one’s peaceful religious beliefs can earn them a harsh physical punishment. However, when Muslims immigrate to the West, they surmise that their Islamic compulsions usurp our laws and liberties. Luckily, not every Western country will offer privileged treatment of their personal convictions.

During a trip to Albufeira, Portugal, Maryya Dean Rajkumar, 36, her 9-year-old daughter, and her sister-in-law, Hina, donned their swimming attire and headed to the resort pool. Unfortunately for them, they expected the management of the private complex to make an exception for them to wear the banned burkinis simply because their faith compels them to wear them.

Arab News reports that the British Muslim women were immediately told to leave the pool or change into appropriate swimsuits because they must “wear a bikini to follow Portuguese culture.” The women were informed that they are no exception to the rule of dress because the restrictive burkini is “not acceptable for the pool.”

“I was not allowed to wear swimming gear that I am comfortable in and that was actually made for women like me to wear,” Hina told the Mirror. “We told him [the apartment worker] it was swimwear but he said, ‘You have to wear a bikini or shorts. In Portuguese culture, it’s not acceptable.’ He said we had to abide by Portuguese culture if we were in the country.”

According to the Mirror, the women were “humiliated” when the apartment employee pointed to Maryya’s 9-year-old daughter as an example of how they should dress in the pool to respect Portuguese culture and values.

“I keep thinking about it. We had to do a ‘walk of shame’ back to the apartment. It was disgusting,” Hina said. “It was a very distressing experience for me and my family.”

Incredibly, it only took the chastisement of their disrespect to the nation’s culture, which Muslims too often use against their hosts, to silence the women. As expected, the comments on even the left-leaning news sites overwhelmingly sided with the pool employee.

“As a Portuguese living in England I respect and abide by English rules and laws. If I take holidays in a Muslim country I must respect the local culture like it or not, the same apply to this [sic] ladies. Don’t like don’t go there any more at least in Europe they have free speech and can drive a car and go on holidays without a male companion. Stop moaning and get a life,” one commenter wrote.

“Tough! Women are not allowed to swim in public swimming pools in Saudi Arabia, and can only swim in private facilities or places that are women-only. At public beaches they are restricted to the abaya – the full length black covering even if they choose to dip their toes in the water. In other Gulf countries too, bikinis and swimsuits are only allowed in private beaches and resorts. If they’d been caught wearing a burkini in Saudia they’d have been whipped,” another wrote.

While Muslims vocalize their disapproval in democratic countries, despite enjoying freedoms that are prohibited by Sharia law, they unabashedly demand that we recognize and adhere to Islamic mandates. Although many so-called moderates claim that Sharia law merely applies to the Muslims who chose to follow it, it is one of the most barbaric and oppressive legislations in the world to both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Under Sharia law, non-Muslims are required to pay jizya, an unbearable religious tax meant to pressure them to convert, as Quran 9:29 states. Only Christians and Jews are allowed to live under Sharia law if they pay the jizya. All other religionists and non-religionists are to be killed unless they convert to Islam, according to Quran 9:5.

Of course, mandatory hijab, wife-beating, slavery, sex slavery, persecution of religious minorities, and child marriage are just some of the barbarities legalized and imposed upon both Muslims and non-Muslims by Sharia law according to the Islamic prophet Muhammad’s example. Illegal activities that are punished by execution include apostasy, homosexuality, adultery, and blasphemy, also according to Muhammad’s own modeling.