Secret Service On HIGH Alert After Who Suddenly Showed Up At Trump’s...

Secret Service On HIGH Alert After Who Suddenly Showed Up At Trump’s Bedminster Golf Club


President Trump is only a few days away from the White House because of the renovation process, and he is currently using his Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey. As he is taking his ‘working-vacation’ in New Jersey, a Russian spy plane was noticed flying over several US locales, including his Golf Club in NJ.

The Russian air forces’ Tupolev Tu-154M’s maneuvers flew over Washington DC, over an air force base near Dayton, Ohio and Trump’s summer office, Bedminster.

This marks Russia’s 10th such flight this year. Their choice of targets likely intended to irk the Leader of the Free World, NY Post reports.

“I don’t know of any military facilities there,” a Pentagon official told the outlet, referring to Bedminster.

This spying process comes as a price of the 1992 agreement, known as the Treaty on Open Skies, which allows each country to conduct surveillance flights over the other country’s territory, and happens on a ‘semi-routine basis,’ Pentagon officials stated.

The Russians are required to give a 72-hour notice of the mission and must have American personnel on board as observers.

These types of missions are designed to promote openness among nations and their militaries.