“Enough Juan, Enough!” Jesse Watters Eviscerates Juan Williams Over Trump’s Reaction To...

“Enough Juan, Enough!” Jesse Watters Eviscerates Juan Williams Over Trump’s Reaction To Charlottesville


Fox’s Jesse Watters and Juan Williams clashed over President Trump’s Charlottesville response. “I just didn’t understand why he felt the need to double down. He has dived back into the mess,” said Williams. Waters started with the points they agreed on. But then it got ugly.

“One is racist and hateful, and [the other is] a bunch of counter-protesters looking for trouble,” said Watters. “These folks came armed with guns. The people that were the alt-right, the KKK, they came with guns. The white supremacists are despicable human beings that shouldn’t exist in America,” said Watters.

“But… there is a part of society that says you know what, if we’re just going to bring down Confederate statues – that’s the difference between that person and someone wearing a cloak,” said Watters. “Let me just tell you something. I don’t know why you are feeling the need to defend Donald Trump or defend the alt right on this. People standing up for American values would stand up,” said Williams.

“Juan, I’m a Yankee, I don’t care. That was a brave statement,” Watters said, defending Trump. “Oh my gosh, Jesse, you are lost on this one… Hold on. You know what, you keep ranting and raving,” said Williams.

“I know a woman died, But it’s not representative of American society … Trump’s taken a PR hit,” said Watters. “A PR hit!? You don’t feel anything in your soul? You don’t see the darkness here?” screamed Williams. “Enough Juan, enough! “My point is both sides came ready to rumble,” said Watters. Check out the clash below.