“Is The President Of The United States A Racist?” Brian Stelter Launches...

“Is The President Of The United States A Racist?” Brian Stelter Launches Most Desperate Attack Against Trump Yet


CNN’s Brian Stelter launched his most desperate and false attack against President Trump yet. He accused the President of being both a racist and mentally ill. It’s disgusting. “People are questioning the president’s fitness,” started Stelter in his most desperate attack yet.

“Questions that feel out of bounds, off limits, too hot for TV. Questions like these: Is the President of the United States a racist? Is he suffering from some kind of illness? Is he fit for office? And if he’s unfit, then what?” asked Stelter.

“Since President Trump’s inauguration, there’s been a lot of tiptoeing going on. His actions have been described as unpresidential, unhinged and sometimes even crazy. That word crazy can be interpreted several different ways. It gets said more in private than it gets said on TV,” said Stelter.

“This brings me back to the questions that are tough to ask out loud on national television. Is the President of the United States suffering from some sort of illness? Is he racist? Is he fit to be commander in chief? And one more, is it time for objective journalists, I don’t mean opinion folks I mean down the middle journalists to address these questions head on and how do they do it?” said Stelter.

“Objective journalists.” How does he not realize what an idiot he sounds like? This is why CNN is very Fake News. Check out the video below.