AWESOME! Football Legend Jim Brown Says Trump “Is Going To Be For...

AWESOME! Football Legend Jim Brown Says Trump “Is Going To Be For All The People” (VIDEO)


Legendary NFL player Jim Brown is very optimistic about Trump’s presidency. He recently made some very positive comments on the air about Trump being a president for all the people. That’s what Trump has been saying for months!

NFL Legend Jim Brown: I’m “Pulling For” Trump, “He’s Going To Be For All The People”

I think that things are being shaken up. I think that people are being provoked to come out with their real feelings. I think that it looks negative a great degree, but I think that any time you put a person in a position of responsibility that their good side can come out. So, Donald is going to either be a great leader and shake things up the right way, or he’s going to shake things up the wrong way and that’s going to make the great people come out and resist it.

So, it’s just not going to be neutral. It’s not going to lay dead. It’s going to be very provocative and I’m hoping it will be provocative in a very positive way. So, I’m pulling for the president. He is the president, and I know that he is going to be for all the people and I hope that that bravado that he presents becomes a positive energy so that we could all get behind doing the right thing.

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Way to go, Jim!

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