Morning Mika & Joe: Trump Must Resign for Us to Like Him...

Morning Mika & Joe: Trump Must Resign for Us to Like Him Again


Morning Joe couple Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski are urging President Donald Trump to resign so Trump can get them back in his corner.

In a defensive interview with The Wrap in which the couple seems acutely aware that their early praise of Trump has not gone over well with their “No Labels”/St. Albans/Never Trump constituency, the image-conscious duo repeated their talking points about the times they warned America about Trump.

When the publication asked them if there is “anything Trump can do to get you back in his corner,” they responded:

Brzezinski: He can leave.

Scarborough: He can resign.

Brzezinski: That would be very helpful

When asked about Charlottesville, they both said they have never heard Trump say anything racist while they were friends.

“All the times that we had spent time with him… I never heard him make racist comments or say racially insensitive things behind the scenes,” Scarborough said.

The first couple of the 3.8% has been urging Trump to appeal to their fellow elite urbanites, which would, of course, certainly lead to Trump losing in 2020. Perhaps that is what the “heroic” Morning Joe duo is trying to accomplish, if they cannot convince Trump to resign to get them to like him again, to save the country.