COMPASSION: ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Magazine Depicts Harvey Victims as Nazis

COMPASSION: ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Magazine Depicts Harvey Victims as Nazis


Natural disasters have a way of exposing people’s true nature (see Feminist Linda Sarsour Exploits Hurricane Victims to Raise Funds for Political Activism and Trump Rallies Crowd in Texas. CNN’s Jim Acosta Complains About Trump Noting Crowd Size). While Americans have been helping other Americans, deranged lefties have competed against each other to see who’s the biggest douchecanoe.

Enter Charlie Hebdo, which compared Texans to Nazis:

The new issue of inflammatory French magazine Charlie Hebdo appears to mock the death and utter devastation wrought by Tropical Storm Harvey.

“God Exists! He Drowned All the Neo-Nazis of Texas,” the weekly mag’s cover screams.

Now, before people get outraged over this, don’t. We’re not about OMG OUTRAGE FOR OUTRAGE’S SAKE. Charlie Hebdo is free to depict whatever it likes on its magazine cover. We’re free to dislike it, of course. A sentiment echoed by logically-minded people:

And name calling we can do. Freely. Notice how the other side of this is simply firing words. Not bullets. Islamic terrorists take note.

If Texans were actually Nazis, it’s likely Charlie Hebdo wouldn’t have sought to trigger them, no?

That one is just for American pride. Sorry, Frenchies, but Lee has a point.


Here’s the takeaway: Charlie Hebdo can do whatever it wants. As Americans, we’re free to trash it, trash talk it, mock it, detest it, buy it, support it, or use it to line the cages of our gerbils.

But this is who the left is. When Texans are down, many of them actually underwater, the left takes shots at them. I’m speaking metaphorically here. The left has no problem exposing exactly who they are: hateful, nasty people who enjoy the suffering of others, and take delight in it.

Again, they’re free to do so! But I’m also free to point out how hateful they really are. A point made simpler when they go ahead and make it all by themselves.

source: louderwithcrowder