Cop Who Buried 8th Co-Worker Sends Letter to Antifa That Every American...

Cop Who Buried 8th Co-Worker Sends Letter to Antifa That Every American Should Read


We live in a society where the technique has gone so far that literally nobody’s safety or health can be guaranteed.

Those who serve to our country in order to keep the streets a safe place for everyone are often the ones that get hurt the most, and that is why the law enforcement should be respected.

While on duty, they often times are victims to tragedy  – this is a topic a police officer recently spoke out about, and nobody will stay with a calm soul after reading it!

A blog called “Those who serve” recently published the piece that they received in the mail, and it is targeted to groups similar to Antifa and Black Lives Matter. It is no coincidence that he writes to them, because according to Christian News Letter about 150 cops die annually on duty.

It is not rare that they are serving as security on a protest when a tragedy like death can happen, and that is why this man is raising his voice. He recently lost a co-worker who he had to bury, and this is the eight time he has been forced to do that – he has had enough!

The man was shot by a thug on the street, just because he was doing his job. This is not a rare sight and it is obviously a huge problem – the officers are not respected enough:

“This job is a destroyer, it directly takes the lives of an average of 150 people every year, and those are just the people who die on the job. That does not account for those who leave the job because they are broken, either physically or mentally. That also does not include the 300 cops who take their own lives every single year.”

Those are some staggering numbers that speak for themselves. The death that recently occurred was to a friend he had known for 22 years, and as he states was a great dad, grandfather and role-model.

“We are called racists,” the officer continued. “No matter what race we are. We are called pigs, because we dare enforce laws enacted by the very people elected by those calling us pigs. There are organizations dedicated specifically to hating us.”

He is of course talking about movements like Black Lives Matters with their specific chanting like “Pigs in a blanket. Fry like bacon.”

These problems must be swept away. These people risk their lives every single day just by going out, because their uniform has some meaning. They should get the respect they deserve, and the mainstream media chooses not to offer them a chance for that by writing articles like this one.

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