Melania Has A Sharp Message For Her Critics — You Will Be...

Melania Has A Sharp Message For Her Critics — You Will Be Proud Of Her


Melania Trump has had it up to here with fake controversies and attacks on her and her family.

The latest was a fake news controversy around her wearing stilettos to board Air Force One earlier this week. Of course she changed them on the flight to Houston and wore appropriate shoes after landing, but in the midst of the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey the media just couldn’t stop talking about her stilettos. And they didn’t mean it in an admiring way. Well now Melania has a sharp message for her distinguished critics.

And it’s perfect.

POTUS and FLOTUS just boarded AF1 to visit communities impacted by Harvey in Texas and Louisiana. Her message was simple: she boarded the flight wearing stylish, classy stiletto heels.

Melania has a sharp message for her critics and supporters: I won’t back down. This is a woman you can be proud of. She stands by her man and she doesn’t backpedal from fake controversies. Eat it, fake news media.

Melania Trump is the best FLOTUS ever, don’t you think?