BREAKING: Look at the Disgusting Thing Hillary is Doing To take Down...

BREAKING: Look at the Disgusting Thing Hillary is Doing To take Down Trump!


This is unbelievable. Hillary Clinton just executed one of the most shameless moves in history by releasing a book which she kindly refers to as a “Guide to Fight Donald Trump”. Hillary Clinton, a disgraced first lady, failed wife, and number one failed politician has just felt the need to release her memories which will be titled “what happened”.

She announced this via her twitter in which she kindly invited everyone who wishes to fight Trump to buy her book. Because fighting Trump, it seems, is a national priority. Not the Harvey Hurricane, not North Korea, not Illegal immigration, or drug dealer or Sharia law. According to Hillary, the main problem in America is Donald Trump and we must unite to take him down.

There’s nothing illegal with writing books, however when you advertise it as a way to take down the government and you are openly calling people to “fight” the President. I am pretty sure that’s exactly the kind of motivation that got people killed in Charlottesville.

Hillary, if you want to make America better, then ask people to fight a Trump proposal, or even better, give a better one yourself. You are free to disagree with the President and even protest. However, to call people to “fight” is exactly how you get all the liberals riled up on the street vandalizing property and calling death threats, but I guess you don’t really care about that.

Now, since Hillary feels this cause of such great importance, and she TRULY believes this book will make America Better, then it would make sense for her to release it for free right?…WRONG! Apparently, this “very important book that will heal the nation” will be available for about $20.

It’s disgusting how politicians sink to new lows in an effort to milk more money. However, trying to charge people in order to fight Donald Trump is probably a new low even for her.

The main reason why this woman lost has nothing to do with Trump. This woman lost because she managed to screw up her chances at every chance possible, and then she was so corrupt she forced her own party to nominate her. Hillary is one of the greatest cancers of American Politics, a dead horse that refuses to die just like a returning tumor.