Do You Support President Trump’s Plan To Take Away Amnesty From 4...

Do You Support President Trump’s Plan To Take Away Amnesty From 4 Million Illegals?


President Barack Obama tried to give the illegal immigrants in the US blanket amnesty by saying Americans don’t have the right to choose whom they will allow to immigrate and live here in America.

He used an emotional argument not based upon the facts, and he attempted to chastise Americans for being racists against people who broke our laws to get here. Illegals who had no legal right to stay.

But now, the path to citizenship through amnesty has been reversed by President Trump’s DHS Chief John Kelly. He, who, after receiving approval from Attorney General Jeff Sessions, has rescinded former President Obama’s Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA) program that granted amnesty to 4 million illegal aliens. 

We all got a little tired of hearing Obama preach to us on what America was, or wasn’t, all about. His idea of America is radically different from those of us who actually love this country and want to preserve our traditions, customs, and borders.

Now that Obama is out and Trump is in, the things that made America great in the past may get an opportunity to do it again. First and foremost, the president is making a top priority of removing illegal immigrants from our country, and instead allowing legal immigrant to be properly vetted before entering into the country. And we applaud him for doing so!

Basically, it was a blanket amnesty act that not only thwarted our rule of law, but also took away jobs from US citizens.

So what do you think? Are you supportive of Trump eliminating this order to make America great again?

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