Should Your Taxpayer Dollars Pay For College Illegals’ Housing, Health Care?

Should Your Taxpayer Dollars Pay For College Illegals’ Housing, Health Care?


Columbia University’s illegal immigrant students have created a thirteen point list of demands from the university.

We’ve all known that colleges and universities around the country are filled with snowflakes. Students who can barely make it through a day without their unicorn frappuccino. Can you imagine how they could handle a normal workload with adult responsibilities? The truth is, they probably can’t.

In fact, this truth is becoming more predominant, and our story today confirms our concerns and beliefs that the next generation cannot properly handle the responsibilities of life.

To make matters worse, we now have illegal college snowflakes trying to find ways to have their colleges and universities enable them to be the dependents that they want to be, alongside their fellow enabled snowflakes who are legal citizens. Indeed, illegal immigrants attending Columbia University have actually had the temerity to create a list of absurd demands from the university. They are demanding that housing, health care, among other things, be given to them on a silver platter. On top of that, they want protection from ICE!

Some of the demands include free housing and health care.

Of course, they also want protection from ICE – this is beyond audacious!

It is time for this university to do what they should have done in the beginning – refuse to accept any illegal immigrants into their school, send them over to ICE, and teach them the valuable lesson of following the rules.

Do you think your taxpayer dollars should be forced to pay for these things for illegals?