Judge Andrew Napolitano Absolutely Destroys 15 States Suing Trump Over DACA

Judge Andrew Napolitano Absolutely Destroys 15 States Suing Trump Over DACA


15 states filed a lawsuit against Trump for his DACA decision and the funny thing is he never really made a decision.

He said Congress needs to do its job and he gave it 6 months. If they Can’t do their job then Trump will step in.

So the lawsuits are just a bit premature.

Besides that they have no chance to win as Judge Napolitano clearly explained this morning on Fox and Friends.

“I think it’s a political stunt.”

Correct Judge.

“I don’t think it has a chance of surviving and I don’t even think they made the best arguments that are available against the president.”

Again correct Judge.

Fifteen states and the District of Columbia have brought suit against the administration but Napolitano went on to say that the state’s arguments are based on a technicality, and will absolutely fail in court.

“You can’t sue in federal court unless you’ve been harmed,” Napolitano added, “the states have not been harmed … DACA is in place right now. Donald Trump’s Justice Department and Department of Homeland Security are honoring it. The president himself said it’s not going to happen. No change until March 5th and by the way the, Congress may have legislated DACA and made it the law of the land.”

“I think the lawsuit is premature and probably will be dismissed,” he said. “I think his [Trump’s] heart is in the right place but he’s trying to do what he took an oath to do, which is uphold the constitution and uphold the laws as Congress has written them not as he wants them to be.”