Minnesota High School Banned Flags on Vehicles. Here Is How the Students...

Minnesota High School Banned Flags on Vehicles. Here Is How the Students Responded – You’ll Love It!


A Minnesota high school has recently banned all flags from flying on the back of vehicles, as the ultimate leftist response to students which were flying their Confederate flags on their vehicles last semester. However, unfortunately for the high school staff, they were not expecting what students had in mind to play a revengeful game through a massive patriotic protest.

At first, students were shocked when they found out that they could no longer fly their flags in Rocori High School, which is attended by students from Cold Spring, Rockville, Richmond as well as others, who administrations from the school initiated at the start of the school year. The ban was called for after students last year flew their Confederate flags on vehicles parked at the school, with the school officials complaining that the flags were offensive and caused concern among other students.

And as a response to this outrageous ban, senior Cole Staneart organized a small peaceful protest which filled the parking lot of the high school with trucks flying patriotic flags and symbols, and this is what the administrators of the school saw when they came to work that day:

Following the protest, the school had a change of heart with the administrators immediately rescinding the flag ban and dealing with offensive symbols on case-by-case basis from now on. It appears that some stories have a happy ending after all.