Whoopi Goldberg Gets Totally Filthy On Live TV With Latest Attack On...

Whoopi Goldberg Gets Totally Filthy On Live TV With Latest Attack On President Trump


Warning: this article contains graphic content.  

It’s time to seriously consider getting The View taken off the air. This insulting, hate-filled and totally inappropriate show has no place in a patriotic nation. Now in the latest disgusting display, co-host Whoopi Goldberg decided to say something about Trump that is completely unacceptable. The Daily Caller has the story of Goldberg’s outrageous behavior.

After co-host, shrill harpy Joy Behar made a totally off-color joke about President Trump only liking the immigrants he gets to marry, Goldberg weighed in. Behar’s comment got zero laughs and an awkward silence fell over the crowd. Even people that watch The View apparently were not enjoying the arrogance and vulgarity of its hosts.

Later, instead of turning the conversation around to something a bit more positive, Goldberg decided to take it even further.

According to Goldberg, President Trump’s accurate statement that it is now up to Congress to fix or scrap DACA and the DREAM Act shows that “he has no balls.”

Can you believe this woman said President Trump has “no balls?”

“Let’s get the guy who’s supposed to be doing the job, to do decide what’s going to happen,” Goldberg commented. “He has no balls. He has no balls. I’m sorry, because I mean I’m getting tired of him throwing [Barack] Obama in. Obama is not the president. Mrs. [Hillary] Clinton didn’t become president. That’s your job.”

What a disgusting and cowardly statement to make. Why is this woman on the air?

Watch the segment below. Warning: not appropriate for kids.

 Do you think it’s time to take The View off the air? Who even watches this show?