Melania Sent Message To Hurricane Irma Victims, Suddenly Something DISGUSTING Happened

Melania Sent Message To Hurricane Irma Victims, Suddenly Something DISGUSTING Happened


The whole country is terrified from Hurricane Irma.

After Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas, everybody is preparing for the worst.

It is predicted that Hurricane Irma will hit Florida.

This devastating storm sliced into Cuba with very strong winds. Apparently, right now the storm is weakened, but the weather experts are saying that there is a chance that it will regain the power. Right now, Irma is a big threat to Florida, and a state of emergency is declared.

According to the Liberty Writers, President Trump is operating together with Florida Governor, Rick Scott in order to get supplies and amenities to all the people who will be affected. Many people already flee from the state, but some of them stayed and will try to struggle and win this storm. The support from Trump and his team is really needed and appreciated.

The president’s wife, Melania Trump posted a message to support all the people who will be affected by this destructive hurricane. She published: “If you are in or near projected path of Hurricane Irma please listen to local law enforcement in the area. Stay safe!!!”

Nevertheless, the liberals are always finding ways to attack the president and his wife. They started with posting messages on Twitter. One of them said: “Will you please go down there? Don’t wear a jacket. Just your heels…” Most of the comments were related to her stilettos. For example, one liberal wrote: “Don’t forget your stiletto heels though.”

Many of the liberals think that Melania actually doesn’t care what happens to the residents in Florida. One of them stated: “As if you give a crap. Seriously.”

Please you and Donald, go #Mir-a-lago now while there is still time.

— Brian Drourr Photo (@BrianDrourr) September 8, 2017


Undoubtedly the people who will be affected by this Category 4 hurricane are very scared at the moment, and they don’t need all the negativity from the Liberals. Melania only advised the citizens and President Trump is trying his best to help the residents, but they still get critical comments from the Liberals.

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