Don Jr. Crushes Michael Moore For Idiotic Thing He Said About President...

Don Jr. Crushes Michael Moore For Idiotic Thing He Said About President Trump And Irma


Michael Moore has been trying to capitalize on Trump’s presidency ever since he was elected. He’s been making documentaries, TV appearances and even a Broadway show. It’s like Trump’s presidency is the best thing that has ever happened to him. Hating Trump sells. That’s why he is so willing to make dumb comments about Trump without even putting thought into it.

“Has he opened up Mar-a-Lago as a shelter yet?” wrote Moore, criticizing Trump for not sheltering hurricane victims at Mar-a-Lago. Donald Trump Jr. responded with an obvious point.

“It’s on an island on both the ocean & intercostal and in a mandatory evacuation zone… probably not the best idea, but you know, narrative!” wrote Don Jr. It appears that Moore wrote that tweet without having any idea where the Mar-a-Lago is.

The internet loved Don Jr.’s reaction. “Category Five dumbass,” wrote Kurt Schiller. “The ownage here is emphatic. 😄” wrote Paul Joesph Watson. “National Hurricane Center says if Michale Moore could lay his fat ass on the beach in Naples he alone could stop the storm surge,” wrote Joe Biggs.

“Michael why don’t you go there and help all the people in need and stop worrying about what President Trump is doing…” wrote another user. Is Michael Moore an idiot?