‘Karma’, Liberals Show Their Ugly Side In Response To Eric Bolling’s Son’s...

‘Karma’, Liberals Show Their Ugly Side In Response To Eric Bolling’s Son’s Death


Eric Bolling’s 19-year-old son sadly died from a drug overdose. They are determining if this was a suicide. It happened immediately after Eric Bolling ended his contract with Fox News and according to TMZ’s report, Chase Bolling was facing “emotional torture” based on what was happening.

“Sources familiar with the death investigation tell TMZ, Eric Chase was “destroyed” by his dad’s departure from Fox News Channel … forced out because years ago Eric Sr. had texted pics of his genitalia. Sources connected with Eric Sr. tell us he actually made the decision to part ways earlier than he wanted because he knew his son was having trouble dealing with the publicity and the embarrassment,” wrote TMZ.

Many are blaming liberals for pushing this without much proof. Just as a way to destroy Fox News. Liberals have been adding insult to injury by attacking Eric Bolling for his son’s death. It’s incredible how disgusting people can be.

“Karma is your cheat on your wife and your son dies of drug overdose,” wrote one user. “Clearly sins of the father come to visit the son. The man was a dick pic sending creep. And Karma just hit him twice. Good riddance, lol,” wrote another.

However, plenty of people were calling these disgusting people out. “Majority of the liberals are so hate filled and bitter that I fully expect them to eventually just self destruct. Where is Love Trumps Hate?” replied one user.