Mayweather Gets Political: Disses Leftist Protesters, Ungrateful Immigrants

Mayweather Gets Political: Disses Leftist Protesters, Ungrateful Immigrants

Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. speaks during a news conference Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2015, in Las Vegas. Mayweather is scheduled to defend his WBC and WBA Super World welterweight titles against Andre Berto on Saturday. (AP Photo/John Locher) ORG XMIT: NVJL106

Floyd Mayweather Jr. waxed political in a Monday-published interview with Hollywood Unlocked.

The undefeated professional boxer noted that Donald Trump was suddenly framed as a “racist” by news media outlets upon announcing his presidential campaign and subsequently winning the White House:

I think a lot, within this world, like I said, racism still exists. You never heard anything about Donald Trump being racist until he ran for president and won. Before that, everyone was like, “Oh, he on WWE. He on different shows.” Everybody, they liked Donald Trump. As soon as he ran for president, because, people don’t like the truth.

Mayweather also dismissed news media apoplexy over the released Access Hollywood (“grab her by the p****”) tape:

He speak like a real man spoke. Real man speak, like, “Man, she had a fat a**. Did you see that a**? I had to squeeze her a**. I had to grab that fat a**.” Right?

So, he talkin’ locker room talk. You know what I’m sayin’? “I’m the man. You know me, I grabbed her by the p****. And?”

I feel people shy away from realness. This man didn’t do nothin’. Hey, listen. If y’all didn’t want the man in the White House, y’all should’ve voted the other way. He didn’t rob, he done his homework. He done what he had to do and he got there. I’m not here to knock nobody.

Mayweather advised people to focus more on improving their own lives than on peripheral issues:

My thing is this, it don’t matter who’s in there. If Trump is in there, Clinton, Barack Obama, it doesn’t matter; that’s not gonna stop my drive. See, the thing is this: too many people are worried about what Trump is doing and what other presidents are doing instead of worrying about what you’re trying to do and what level you’re trying to get to. See, my thing, I don’t give a f*** what nobody else doin’. I gotta worry about what I’m tryin’ to do, what I’m tryin’ to get to.

Mayweather mocked those not earning enough to pay federal income taxes who whine about being politically harmed by the Trump administration:

A lot of times, “Aw, man. It’s gonna affect us.” My man, you ain’t makin’, if you ain’t makin’ four, five, six hundred million dollars, man, it’s not gonna affect you no f***in’ way. So, it’s only gonna affect somebody like me. I’m the motherf***** that should be trippin’, payin’ thirty-four, twenty-five, twenty-six million dollars. I should be trippin’.

One thing that we all know that we got to do. One thing we know that’s gonna happen for sure, we’re gonna pay taxes and we’re gonna die. But while we’re here, live life to the fullest. Stop worrying about everybody else is doin’.

say, “You love your country so much, why you here? You’re takin’ up space for other people. We got some other Americans that’ll love your job.”

But remember, this country will give somebody else from a whole other country that they don’t know s*** about a loan before they’ll even give an American citizen a loan. I don’t know how many illegal people that we have in this country… A lot of times, we spend too much time worrying and talking about everybody’s business instead of worrying about our own.

Watch Mayweather’s comments below.