Saturday, September 22, 2018
Hillary Just Said Trump Is A Traitor To America And Needs To...

Hillary Just Said Trump Is A Traitor To America And Needs To Be Silenced


Following her stunning election defeat in November 2016, two-time failed Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton reportedly shied away from public view and took long walks in the forest. Many people, Republicans and Democrats alike, wish she had stayed there.

Instead, attention-starved Hillary has attempted to fill the White House sized hole in her life by writing a book called What Happened about her election failure and going on a lengthy cross-country book to promote it.

In the process, Hillary has been revealed just how psychologically tattered she has become by making a number of incendiary statements, mostly about Trump. It has caused grave embarrassment to members of the DEmocratic Party, who have been keen to move on and regroup after the 2016 disaster.

Stated Clinton in an interview on PBS NewsHour, “In many ways the Trump presidency poses a clear and present danger to our country.” The terms “clear and present danger” are, as any Tom Clancy fan well knows, what the U.S. Supreme Court uses to decide if a person needs to be silenced under the Espionage Act of 1917.

Said Hillary further about Trump, regarding his handling of the current situation with North Korea, “He’s being played by these dictators in a way that undercuts our credibility and the capacity to come up with a diplomatic solution in that region.” Hillary then said that he poses risks “domestically to our institutions of democracy, our self governance, our rule of law.” She went on about Trump, “I think going forward, any effort to try to contain him, which I know some in the White House and in the broader administration have been trying to do, is especially important when it comes to consequential decisions.” Do you think Hillary is the one that needs to be contained? Watch below: