Watch This Antifa Chick Get Rowdy At Trump Rally, What Happens Next...

Watch This Antifa Chick Get Rowdy At Trump Rally, What Happens Next Is INSANE


Another day, another attempt for the Antifas to cause problems

This time, the trouble-maker is a girl who is among the leaders of the terrorizing group and well known to the public eye.

Her attempt to shut down a Trump Ally was unsuccessful and it has a big turnover!

It’s the case of the 38 year old Lacy MacAuley, settled in Washington DC. She likes to think of herself as a writer, but in free time she also writes degrading posts on social media. She has a major in Public studies and has been an “activist” for her whole life. But she enjoys going around protesting and troubling people for making a different choice then her.

To the public she is known as the Anifa chick. She is a professional  community organizer for a lot of left oriented foundations. She favors the Democrats and strongly pursues their ideas. Standing in the front row in every protest, always holding a provocative sign just to piss people off. She is always bringing violent masked Antifa members which have a very typical attitude, as it stated in Breit Bart. They often vandalize the streets and cause property damage. If you search through her social media you will find a big number of pictures with the Antifa flag and a lot of posts where she calls out people to join their twisted plot.

She has already worked behind the back of our president. According to Liberty Writers she took a part in the secret Project Veritas where they took undercover videos that opened the #DisruptJ20 plot to harm the President and his inauguration. The Antifa chick is also know for her unconditional love towards refuges. She often helps Syrian people to get in the country. She was even dating one.

A lot of you are asking themselves how could she even show up at a Trump Rally without feeling a bit of shame. Well, she tried, but the strong people of this country took over the situation pretty quickly. They kicked her out of the rally, trolled her all the way through, some even yelled “go home commie.”

Scroll down and tell us what you think – did she got what she deserved?