Hurricane Maria Destroyed Puerto Rico And Left The Island Without Power

Hurricane Maria Destroyed Puerto Rico And Left The Island Without Power


After Hurricane Maria destroyed Puerto Rico, the island was left without power, Wednesday.

The Hurricane Maria was a powerful Category 4 storm with winds up to 155 mph. It pounded power lines and trees as well and caused many people to hide to shelters.

Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló’s spokesman stated that “This is total devastation.”

“Puerto Rico, in terms of the infrastructure, will not be the same. … This is something of historic proportions,” he continued.

As the storm hit, Rosselló encouraged the residents by posting a message on Twitter.

His message was “God is with us; we are stronger than any hurricane. Together we’re going to get up.”

The devastation that Hurricane Maria brought to Puerto Rico was captured in photos and videos.

The Hurricane later on Wednesday weakened to Category 3 storm. However, the officials are still frightened that the danger has not passed.

On a briefing, the head of the island’s disaster management agency, Abner Gómez, stated: “The information we received is not encouraging.”

He mentioned that Hurricane Maria had destroyed “everything in its path.”

The Hurricane caused widespread floods and now in the coastal areas, a storm surge of 6 to 9 feet is expected.

President Trump showed his support and offered help for the destroyed area on Twitter posting “Puerto Rico being hit hard by new monster Hurricane. Be careful, our hearts are with you- will be there to help!”

This hurricane was the most powerful storm to strike the island in the last 80 years.

Rosselló has requested Trump to declare Puerto Rico a disaster zone, which will provide a path for the island to receive more federal aid.

Seven people died in Dominica, as a result of this devastating storm. Once the communication links are reestablished, it’s expected that this number will rise.

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