James Clapper Admitted That Obama Administration May Have Spied On Trump

James Clapper Admitted That Obama Administration May Have Spied On Trump


When President Trump claimed that Obama Admin was spying on him, the media mocked him, and Obama official and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper denied those claims and told NBC’s Chuck Todd that there have been no surveillance or wiretaps.

Clapper said that there was no order issued about surveilling Trump or his team, and said to Todd that he would have been “absolutely” informed if any other agency had such order.

“For the part of the national security apparatus that I oversaw as DNI, there was no such wiretap activity mounted against the president-elect at the time, as a candidate, or against his campaign,” Clapper said.

And now a proof has emerged that, in fact, Obama administration did surveil Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, and that warrant was granted by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

So, Clapper appeared on CNN Wednesday to talk with anchor Don Lemon, who asked him, “Did you know about a FISA warrant against Paul Manafort at the time?” and Clapper responded, “I did not.”

This raises many questions, like how can a director of national intelligence be unaware of FISA warrant being granted against campaign employee of a major party candidate.

“Is it possible the president was picked up in a conversation with Paul Manafort?” Lemon asked.

“It’s certainly conceivable,” Clapper responded, to which Lemon added following question, “Is it likely?”

“I can’t say,” Clapper replied. “I wouldn’t want to go there. I will say it’s possible.”

Clapper apparently lied under oath during the congressional testimony in March.

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