One College Is Forcing Students To Hear Speaker Who Says ‘All Trump...

One College Is Forcing Students To Hear Speaker Who Says ‘All Trump Voters Are Racist’


It has been well-documented how much trouble conservative speakers have had over the years giving public addresses at the liberal bastions that are the bulk of America’s colleges. Conservatives have trouble getting invited to speak at colleges, and even then are subject to harrassment by radical leftist groups that want to silence them simply because they have a different point of view.

This has been seen recently with the difficulties conservatives Ben Shapiro, Ann Coulter and others have had when trying to fulfill speaking appointments at the University of California, Berkeley.

At Campbell University in North Carolina, however, they are rolling out the red carpet for a leftist bigot named Lawrence Ross to speak at their campus. Beyond this, the university has made student attendance at the lecture by Ross mandatory.

Lawrence, who presents himself as an authority on fraternities and sororities, has made no shortage of bigoted remarks via his Twitter account. Tweeted Ross just two days ago, “The funny thing is that Trump voters have always been America’s suckers. They are not new. They just have cartoon profile pics.”

Ross also recently said, “Whether or not Donald Trump is a white supremacist is settled law. He is.” He added, “Trump is such a white supremacist, he even tried it on The Apprentice when he wanted Randall Kennedy to split his first prize w/white runup.” In a disgusting dig at President Trump’s voters, Lawrence posted, “If Donald Trump is a racist. And the GOP is scared of Trump’s base, doesn’t that make Trump’s base racist? Thought so.” Do you think it’s sickening that Campbell students are being forced to listen to him?