Green Day’s Lead Singer Just Said Trump Is Like Satan And Saddam...

Green Day’s Lead Singer Just Said Trump Is Like Satan And Saddam Hussein, He Got Ripped Apart


Billie Joe Armstrong, who is the lead singer of the popular punk rock group Green Day, does not have a good track record when it comes to being a patriotic American. After all, Green Day scored a hit during the George W. Bush era with a song (and an album) critical of Americans called “American Idiot.”

Armstrong clearly has not changed his ways during the presidency of Republican President Donald Trump, and he recently went on an unhinged rant against Trump during an appearance he made at progressive blowhard and fellow multi-millionaire Michael Moore’s one-man Broadway show.

Said Billie Joe on stage, “The first time I heard of Trump legitimately running for president, the first thing I thought of was fascism. I was just thinking of all the buildings he’s got his name on. That type of narcissism – wow, that’s not that much different from Saddam Hussein. He’s batshit crazy.”

He continued, “This isn’t just a Republican that you’re dealing with. He’s no longer the leader of the free world. I’ve never seen a president that was no longer that.” The singer added, “[My sons] look at it and they’re like, ‘We have Satan as the President of the United States.’ And I was like, ‘We’ve had Satan before, and we voted Satan out. Just remember that.”

The Green Day singer’s comments about our president did not go over well. Shot back one internet commenter, “I got news for you greenday moron….you’re the one that wears eyeliner and women’s make-up and you’re calling President Trump crazy? Just another insignificant, irrelevant washed-up rock star who’s trying to get his name in the news. If you want to get back on top, perhaps you and your gay band mates should learn how to play more than three chords.” Do you agree with him about leftist Billie Joe?