Trump is Right: 65 MSM Reporters Met With or Coordinated with Hillary...

Trump is Right: 65 MSM Reporters Met With or Coordinated with Hillary Camp – 91% of Media Reports Trashed Him


On Thursday Facebook announced it would turn over 3,000 Russian-linked ads to GOP-led congressional committees. The left now claims 3,000 ads costing $100,000 that were neither favorable or unfavorable for either candidate flipped the 2016 election.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg even released a statement on the conspiracy.

President Trump went to Twitter to respond to the latest Democrat-media hoax.

Trump is right.
The liberal media was totally biased against him during the 2016 election.

The Media Research Center found 91% of the coverage of Trump in the weeks leading up to the election was “hostile” towards the Republican candidate.

A few of the “journalists” meeting offline with Hillary advisers

Thanks to Wikileaks we now know that at least 65 mainstream reporters were working closely with the Clinton campaign this election year. They were invited to top elitist dinners with Hillary Campaign Chairman John Podesta or Chief Campaign strategist Joel Benenson.


These 65 mainstream reporters CAN NEVER BE TRUSTED:

As previously reported— At least 38 top national reporters attended a different dinner at John Podesta’s house in April 2015.

The Clinton campaign sent out invites to New York reporters in April 2015 to their off-the-record meeting on how to sell Hillary Clinton to the public.

These 38 reporters should NEVER BE TRUSTED!

Via The Intercept:

Another group of 25 mainstream reporters were invited to a dinner at Jhn Podesta’s house on April 9.
This was a completely different list of reporters!

Here is the current RSVP list to the Thursday Night (4/9) dinner at

Podesta’s. As a reminder, this is with the 25 reporters more closely
following HRC (aka the future bus).

  • ABC – Liz Kreutz
  • AP – Julie Pace
  • AP – Ken Thomas
  • AP – Lisa Lerer
  • AURN – April Ryan
  • Bloomberg – Jennifer Epstein
  • Buzzfeed – Ruby Cramer
  • CBS – Steve Chagaris
  • CNBC – John Harwood
  • CNN – Dan Merica
  • Huffington Post – Amanda Terkel
  • LAT – Mike Memoli
  • LAT – Evan Handler
  • McClatchy – Anita Kumar
  • MSNBC – Alex Seitz-Wald
  • National Journal – Emily Schultheis
  • NBC – Mark Murray
  • NPR – Tamara Keith
  • NYT – Amy Chozik
  • NYT – Maggie Haberman
  • Politico – Annie Karni
    Politico – Gabe Debenedetti
  • Reuters – Amanda Becker
  • The Hill – Amie Parnes
  • Washington Post – Anne Gearan
  • WSJ – Laura Meckler
  • WSJ – Peter Nicholas
  • WSJ – Colleen McCain Nelson

We also know that Politico’s chief political correspondent Glenn Thrush was sending the Hillary campaign articles for their review before publishing.

We know CNBC and New York Times reporter John Harwood was working with the Clinton campaign to help Hillary.

At least 65 mainstream media reporters were chummy with the Hillary.