We Found Them! Guess Who Just Got Arrested Smuggling 400 Lbs. of...

We Found Them! Guess Who Just Got Arrested Smuggling 400 Lbs. of Marijuana Across the Border?


While liberals cry about the plight of “undocumented citizens” a war is raging along America’s southern border.

For years the border’s been exploited, not by innocent, hard-working “citizens,” but by vile, murderous criminals. These criminal aliens work around the clock to find ways to sneak into the United States. And their intentions are hardly virtuous.

Now we’ve just received news that ten of these “undocumented citizens” have been caught by border agents. Their goal? Oh, to smuggle hundreds of pounds of drugs into the country.

From Breitbart:

Border Patrol agents in southern Arizona busted ten illegal aliens dressed in camouflaged jackets as they attempted to smuggle nearly 400 pounds of marijuana into the U.S. 

The agents, assigned to the Welton Border Patrol Station, began tracking a large group of illegal aliens just west of Gila Bend, Arizona on Thursday morning. The agents eventually caught up with the group and found them wearing camouflaged jackets and carrying heavy backpacks, according to information obtained from U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials by Breitbart Texas.

The bundles contained 390 pounds of marijuana, officials stated. The agents estimated the street value of the drugs to be worth in excess of $135,000.

Agents confirmed the ten drug-smuggling mules to be illegal aliens. The Washington Examiner reported the ten individuals appeared to be teenage males. Each backpack contained about 40 pounds of marijuana. The news outlet said the men may have been hired by a drug cartel to smuggle the drugs into the U.S.

Let’s look at the facts, here. This wasn’t a random act on the part of a few aliens. This was a carefully planned scheme. They were wearing camouflaged jackets to blend into the scenery. They were loaded with a huge amount of drugs. And it was a large enough team that—should a few get caught—the rest would get away.

The only reason they were apprehended was because border patrol was better equipped than they were.

If you think this kind of event is rare, you’d be dead wrong. On a regular basis, drug cartels orchestrate these tactics. They recruit young men, promising them both cash and a chance to enter the U.S. They load them with equipment and drugs—and often weapons. They know the best routes into the country, places that aren’t fortified enough.

The only thing stopping them are the already overworked border patrol agents.

Who says we don’t need a wall?