BREAKING: New Polls Are In, And Democrats Won’t Like It.

BREAKING: New Polls Are In, And Democrats Won’t Like It.


New poll shows over 70% of the people approve of Trump’s immigration plan and America first stance

As revealed by a recently conducted survey, the majority of citizens in the U.S. approve of President Donald Trump’s stance on immigration that aims to put Americal citizens first and limit entries of illegals in the country, via Washington Examiner.

Regardless of criticism from Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi that the “vast majority of Americans” opposed Trump’s ‘America-first’ stance, a recent poll debunks these claims as it shows that at least 70% of the citizens back his political views.

The people surveyed also disagree that the media’s portrayal of the new White House measures on immigration issued on Sunday are “hardline.”

“The administration’s immigration priorities represent the mainstream view of the overwhelming majority of Americans,” said a White House official.

National Research Inc. and The Polling Company made the survey from August 11 to 13. Below are some of the poll’s key findings, as the Examiner reported:

71 percent call on companies to offer jobs to Americans before foreign workers.
82 percent of voters support a law that would strengthen sentencing penalties for illegals who had previously been deported and strengthens laws against illegal immigrants who commit crimes in the U.S.
76 percent want more ICE officers.
75 percent support Trump’s focus on jailing MS-13 members
73 percent believe immigrants must be able to support themselves financially.
By a 2-to-1 margin, voters support limiting the number of immigrants who are seeking to live here just because their relatives do, so-called “chain migration.”
59 percent said new immigrants should be required to speak English.
64 percent back legislation that would create a point system based on factors such as English speaking ability, education levels and job skills to rank applicants for the 140,000 employment-based green cards that are granted annually by the United States.
In total, more people say that illegal immigration needs to be limited, but they do think that Mr. Trump’s occupation with illegal immigration has impeded those entering the U.S. without approval.

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