After Dog Gets Hit By Car, EPIC Sign Has The WHOLE Neighborhood...

After Dog Gets Hit By Car, EPIC Sign Has The WHOLE Neighborhood Talking


Quite the powerful picture is going viral after a family purportedly lost their dog because of a careless driver. After the horrifying incident, a sign was erected that is so awesome, it has the entire neighborhood talking.

There’s no arguing that some people are always in a rush and seem to be more concerned about their own convenience over the safety of everyone else. Unfortunately for a few drivers who seem to fit that description, they just got a brutal reality check as a member of the community decided to let them have it.

Clearly upset and downright fed up, one homeowner decided to do something about the cars whizzing by their home. A photo of the sign was posted to Reddit with the title simply reading, “This sign in my neighborhood.” Speaking for itself, the sign says, “We buried our dog last week because you won’t SLOW DOWN. If you hit 1 of my kids your family may be burying you,” according to The Blaze.

After Dog Gets Hit By Car, EPIC Sign Has The WHOLE Neighborhood Talking
Viral image of fed-up home owner’s sign (Photo Credit: Imgur)

Although it’s unclear where the photo was taken, it has certainly grown to be a matter of controversy and debate. While some pointed out that dogs should be leashed at all times while outside, others stated that people shouldn’t be driving that fast in a residential area in the first place.

After all, if a dog can dash out into the road, so can a child. Furthermore, if drivers are going by so fast that they’re unable to stop quick enough for a dog, then imagine the ramifications if a child did, in fact, wander into the street without warning.

As Mirror reports, one user asked, “Am I the only one who doesn’t like people who won’t keep their dog contained in their yard and then [get] upset that their dog is endangered?” However, another Redditor shot back saying, “A person should NEVER be going fast enough in a residential area that a dog can’t simply avoid you.”

There is no way to verify whether a dog being killed is what actually prompted this sign or if it was created in an attempt to scare speeding drivers, but the message is one worth heeding. As many pointed out, using “last week” as a reference is rather vague, but there’s no arguing the reality of the second portion.

Too often do we see signs that read something along the lines of “children live here, slow down,” and it’s really quite a shame that people are in such a rush and so consumed with their own priorities that they’re willing to risk the lives of others.

Safety always needs to come first, especially when children are involved. You think hitting a dog would be a tough pill to swallow? Imagine living with the guilt of killing someone’s child because you thought you could shave a few extra seconds off your travel time.

Arriving an extra minute later isn’t going to kill anyone. On the other hand, a few extra miles-per-hour could. Be smart and courteous – it could end up saving a life, whether you know it or not.