‘Hulk’ Actor Mark Ruffalo Slams Republicans For Shutdown “We Are A Nation...

‘Hulk’ Actor Mark Ruffalo Slams Republicans For Shutdown “We Are A Nation Of Illegal Immigrants”


Hollywood liberal and ‘Hulk’ actor Mark Ruffalo decided to do his part by writing an angry message against Republicans after the shutdown. Even though the shutdown was the fault of Democrats. In the message the actor called America a “country of illegal immigrants.”

“As things get ugly and rhetorical let’s not forget that we are a country of illegal immigrants. The only “real” Americans are the indigenous people of America. Their treaties are agreements with us that have allowed all of us to make a home here,” he claimed.

“Our #Dreamers are the fruit of America. It seems to me to use their precious lives as a bargaining chip is the opposite of the American Dream. We are witnessing, the American Nightmare. The backwards America,” said Ruffalo. Even though this shutdown was caused by Democrats refusing to negotiate the border wall which will save the lives of many Americans.

“When you think upon what makes America great today or at some time in the past you have include our diversity. Because that is at our essence. It always was no matter how you try and spin it. In that way alone are we different from any other country in the world from our very inception, from the very DNA of our being,” said Ruffalo.

He then tried to slam people who want border security as being close-minded and fearful. “Fearfulness is the equivalent of decay. It is regressive, it projects weakness, it impedes growth, it is closed minded, it is reactive, it is unsustainable,” he wrote. Suddenly the Hulk became a lot less cool.