Tuesday, August 21, 2018
Bernie Sanders Blames An Old Billionaire For The Government Shutdown, But It...

Bernie Sanders Blames An Old Billionaire For The Government Shutdown, But It Isn’t Trump


Democrats all over the media have tried to blame Republicans and Donald Trump for the shutdown that was obviously the fault of the Democrats. However, Bernie Sanders put all his blame in the hands of an old billionaire, and shockingly, not President Trump.

“This government shutdown is part of the long-term, anti-government ideology paid for by the Koch brothers,” tweeted Sanders. There’s only one problem. The Koch brothers, that Sanders hates so much, are in favor of DREAMers. Charles Koch wrote an opinion piece with Apple CEO Tim Cook called “Congress must act on the ‘dreamers.’”

“The holidays are upon us, and families across the United States are coming together to celebrate. Yet for about 690,000 of our neighbors, colleagues and friends, this holiday season is marked by uncertainty and fear,” writes Koch.

“These are the “dreamers” — children of undocumented immigrants who are working, in countless ways, to make the United States stronger. Unless Congress acts, this holiday season might be the last one the dreamers get to spend in the country they love and call home,” they wrote.

“We must do better. The United States is at its best when all people are free to pursue their dreams. Our country has enjoyed unparalleled success by welcoming people from around the world who seek to make a better life for themselves and their families, no matter what their backgrounds,” they wrote. It appears Bernie Sanders is pretty off-base. But that shouldn’t be too surprising coming from him. Is it time for Bernie Sanders to retire?