Tuesday, August 21, 2018
Joe Scarborough Releases His Music Video On MSNBC, Gets Brutally Mocked By...

Joe Scarborough Releases His Music Video On MSNBC, Gets Brutally Mocked By Critics


MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough was a failed politician, a failing news anchor, and is now adding a failure musician to the list. Scarborough attempted to air a music video for his newest song “Stand” over footage of the Woman’s March.

According to Scarborough his song was inspired by “the Women’s March and dedicated to those who #Resist.” So you can tell already that it sucks. In the song he sings about standing up to tanks, which is not really that relevant to the March. Joe Scarborough received some harsh critiques.

“Joe Scarborough’s Latest Single Is The Protest Song No One Was Waiting For. When you want a small cornucopia of protest non-sequiturs strung together in musical form, you want artisanal mediocrity from a human,” writes the Federalist, reviewing his song.

“Imagine yourself as a mad scientist charged with creating a computer program to write the anthem for the next Monsters of Vaguely Folkish Alterna-Rock Festival. The song will be performed by a replicant attempting to pose as a newly woke hipster dedicated to the #resistance. Now imagine that your work is pointless because Joe Scarborough beat you to it, albeit ostensibly via his own hand and not an algorithm run amok. Whether he can pass the Turing test remains to be seen,” they write.

“Joe Scarborough, we don’t salute you, but we’re not going to form a new #Resistance either,” they write. Check out his song below.